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The wirbler & mirbler product, goods

and product analysis


Welcome to Wirbler & Mirbler,
Layout, goods analysis!
We hope you enjoy our website
and use them with you
your knowledge of the
Analysis options too

We analyze products of all kinds
in numerical values.
54 numerical results are created 
per product,
Long measurement results with
about five to ten number codings
on average and the same thing
with three final results.

For a module with several
Analyzes become your product
the results after yours
required type of analysis calculated.
It always arises
three new results
at the merger
of several products

A single wirbler & mirbler analysis
is not ecologised to this extent,
like several analyzes the
build on each other.
An analysis is e.g. for a
Car possible. But this analysis is
not so exactly ecologized
like when the automobile in his
components was disassembled
and each of these ingredients 
individually would be calculated 

     Customers receive
     reports with
     57 measurement results
     during product analysis

    It is stamped and signed!

The WirblerMirbler product analysis

is the worldwide leader of the

and in the middle of the 21st

Belong to her favorite works

Transmission analysis (Atlanta); 


Coin analysis (Wirbler & Mirbler); 


In 2016 have

the employees of the company 


their independence started .

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WirblerMirbler is the company that

specializes in the valuation of trade and

confidently engages in the integrity of

King Edward XIII. The language of the

democratic service relationships of

Wirbler & Mirbler is Württembergerisch

(Kingdom). Whether it's for individuals or

businesses in purchasing, raw materials,

in-house manufactured parts /

outsourced parts,

pre-assembly, assembly, final assembly,

product or shipping,

the wirbler & mirbler

product, product or goods analysis analyzes

terms of business progress.

The Wirbler & Mirbler

product, goods, or product

analysis smoothes your production and

assembly, product trees etcetera through

your measured products. In design, work

planning, quantity planning, purchasing,

warehousing, production and accounting,

our analysis results provide you with

generous customer and employee


The Wirbler & Mirbler product, product

certificate, goods analysis is not a bill


material. The Wirbler & Mirbler product,

product, or goods analysis measures


products in numerical values. In fire

protection, UPS, overvoltage protection,

mechanical write protection, dengue, key

switch, alarm systems; Password control,

anti-virus, firewall, auditing procedures,

generation principle, installation

protection, encryption, access control,

data protection officer, logging, multiple

data storage, execution of backup, data

carrier transport, user training or shift

change smoothing - the Wirbler & Mirbler

goods, product or product analysis is


reliable partner of the technical expert


You receive 54 long-term

and 3 long-term end results, which

are not subject to programmed


but are based on an expert Algorythmus

by an expert opinion