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Since 2016, your friend and helper for those who refer to the power of fairness

Welcome Wirbler & Mirber !

We hope that our website did not confuse you too much. We are a small technical appraisal office that sorts goods, products, products and layouts into pure numerical mathematical numbers.
Our analyzes are

SO16.1.45 \ 54!
SO16.1.54 / 45!


SO1.16.54 \ 45

If you also want to convert products, goods, products or layout ideas into economically viable numbers, we are interested in doing business with you.

Just go to your desired area on our website

Our technical office, hair salon and workshops are located in Stuttgart

in the former Weilimdorf-Leonberg, now Stuttgart-Weilimdorf in the

greater Stuttgart area with the corresponding license plate BB / S / LB

Let's just do it!

From an ecological point of view,

you can also see that we are



from 9:00 to 14:00.

Besides, your car is repairable in our auto repair shop, By the way,

you can have your hair cut in our hair salon at the same address

as our small technical valuation office.

Telephone order acceptance:

Expertise Layout / Product

+49 711 23085050

Car repair workshop

+49 711 23085050

Hairdressing salon

+49 711 23085050

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