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‎‎‎Illustration of production levels (part) and production levels (assembly)‎‎

product levels

Auxiliary template for determining the product levels (part) and production levels (assembly)

Parts Proof of Use is a list that indicates how much of a particular material is used in parent items, groups, and products. While you can start with the bill of materials and deduce the associated materials (assemblies, parts and raw materials), look at a where-used list of a material and ask where this occurs everywhere. The consideration of the product tree is therefore from bottom to top. According to the cross reference voucher main forms, there are batch summary parts usage records, structural parts usage records, and building block parts usage records. Part usage records are needed to answer the following questions, for example:
- which products are affected when a group or an item is changed constructively?
- which items, groups and products are manufactured late, if the delivery of an order is delayed? - What are the cost implications of increasing the cost of a particular material?
You send the company Mirbler only the product to be measured. Afterwards you take over the analysis results with their occurrence themselves.
You send the company Wirbler & Mirbler correspondingly marked modular products, which are taken into account in the product analysis and their offsetting. The modular products are each analyzed as a separate part (15 + 3). The entire kit also includes three additional analysis indicators.
They share the company Wirber & Mirbler the construction value of the products, which in the analysis then each again three additional long-term final measurement results per building value.

‎Auxiliary template for determining the product levels (part) and production levels (assembly)

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