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            Whether you have

            a combine harvester                       

                        a vibrating plate     

                         a feeler gauge         

            or a toothed belt wheel       

            commissioned as a PART with 18 measurement results through the
            product analysis,

            or like the engine here,


0 , 6 7 6 8 8 9 1 8 5 6 0 9 5 6 4 0 8 8 8 9 9 9 6 6 7

            each part individually, also with 18 results to analyze analyze, plays for the company Wirbler & Mirbler             product, product, goods analysis does not matter. The accuracy of the ecology is of course better             guaranteed if you - as the -here- analyze the respective parts of the engine and then by specifying the             appropriate assembly sequence and their offsetting the analysis results in order.

            However, AN ANALYZED PART is guaranteed to be better ecologised than delivered from the production             line!

            No matter how you decide on your products, products or goods, the most important consideration is             whether it is a finished product, a product which is still mounted or a good which flows through the             production process, understand.

            Products, goods, products which have passed through the production process:
            The special case materials
            Semi-finished products
            Products etcetera

            use the example of the gear shaft for this

            Here is of interest the respective production level or departments with each other technically analyzed by             numerical values ​​of the company Wirbler & amp; To connect Mirbler.

            So farm B gets the appropriate material from farm A.
            farm B processes this into a semi-finished product
             and forwards it to farm C, which completes the farm before it goes to operation D comes to hardening.
             Then it comes to the operation E which grinds the hardened part.
            This results in a number of operations or departments from A to E.

             Each business should therefore be its handover product or device to be processed by
            a Wirbler & amp; Mirbler product, goods, product analysis can be measured with 18 measuring bits each
             in order to obtain a smoothing and an ecological measurement with economic benefits for all parties in
             their business relationship. (To end the business relationship, the company
             Wirbler & Mirbler recommends a corresponding layout analysis the Wirbler & Mirbler office, where the
             business relationship with company X fails, but another company fulfills this previous function)

            In the special case of material, which, if it is to be measured, must be specified as such in its chemical
            substance or name in order to be able to carry out an analysis and thus be able to enter the production
             level sequence!
             Please note that Wirbler & amp; Mirbler Ecologically Missing Your Raw Materials According to
             their Specification!

            Please also consider the necessity that analyzable devices or device fragments can also be
             carried out in your house, which would not be transportable enough, such as:


            or may




            ‎‎‎Illustration of production levels (part) and production levels (assembly)‎‎

product levels

            Auxiliary template for determining the product levels (part) and production levels (assembly)

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