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‎‎‎Illustration of production levels (part) and production levels (assembly)‎‎

product levels

Auxiliary template for determining the product levels (part) and production levels (assembly)

In the product tree, all the materials (parts) required for the production of the product are listed in accordance with the logical sequence of parts production and assembly. The production level of a part is the level at which the part is required according to manufacturing aspects. The transition between a subordinate and a higher level of manufacturing is called the manufacturing level or construction level. It always corresponds to a partial production or assembly. The upper level on which the product ready for shipment is located always has the number zero. The disposition level is the lowest level of production of a part that occurs repeatedly in a product at different production levels (repeat part). The quantities in a product master tree always refer to a unit of measure (ME) of the respective, directly superior part. For example, at a given level of manufacturing, here only three and not four parts of a given product are given. The total number of parts required for the manufacture of a finished product must therefore be calculated separately. The parts needed for a mounting should be applied in the order from left to right, as is the time sequence of the individual assembly steps. The Unit of Measure (ME) is generally the unit used to settle the relevant part in terms of quantity and cost. Since the product tree is the basis for the BOMs, which are among the most important basic data of a production plant, the product classification should be handled with the necessary foresight and reflected in the expertise of all parties directly or indirectly involved in production You send to the company Wirbler & Mirbler correspondingly marked modular products, which are taken into account in the product analysis and their offsetting. The modular products are each analyzed as a separate part (15 + 3). The entire kit also includes three additional analysis indicators.
They share the company Wirber & amp; Mirbler the levels of construction quality of the products, which in the analysis then each time three additional long-term Endmessergenisse per building value.

‎Auxiliary template for determining the product levels (part) and production levels (assembly)

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