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‎‎‎Illustration of production levels (part) and production levels (assembly)‎‎

product levels

Auxiliary template for determining the product levels (part) and production levels (assembly)

The modular bill of material is a single-level bill of material. It contains only the immediately subordinate part numbers for a superordinate part number. The quantities always refer to a unit of measure of the higher-level part number mentioned in the BOM header. A building block one-level bill of materials is thus the assembly piece list for an assembly and for a self-produced item the raw material specification. For the description of a product, a set of several building block one-level bill of materials is required. For self-made building groups and individual parts that occur on different levels or in different products, the building block one-level bill of materials has to be created only once. Advantages of the modular one-level bill of materials:
- The one-level bill of material structure is relatively simple and clearly structured.
- Repeat parts and repeating groups have only one clearly identifiable parts list. This reduces the storage overhead and thus the error rate when entering and changing the parts list data of recurring parts.
- You can generate both the quantity overview one-level bill of materials and the structure one-level bill of material from the set of BOMs that belong to a product.
- The modular bill of materials are best suited for electronic data processing use.
Disadvantages of the modular bill of material:
- It is difficult to identify the entire product structure for multi-stage products.
- The total material requirement for a product must be calculated.
You send to the company Wirbler & Mirbler correspondingly marked modular products, which are taken into account in the product analysis and their offsetting. The modular products are each analyzed as a separate part (15 + 3). The entire kit also contains three additional analysis key figures.
They share the company Wirber & amp; Mirbler the construction value of the products, which in the analysis then each again three additional long-term final measurement results per building value.

‎Auxiliary template for determining the product levels (part) and production levels (assembly)

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