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     Layout analysis  !

We hope you enjoy our website
and find these helpful  
to improve 
your knowledge
about the layouts.

We analyze layouts of all kinds
and measure them in numerical values.
Each layout will have 54 long measurement results
with about five to twenty number codings
on average and again the same
created with the three final results.

Pro layout analysis can
according to your ideas and
our feasibility study
a free topic with three
Keywords, become 
created by you.
It can also
our predetermine
areas selected.
Topics and keywords
here, as for example
given can
at your discretion
be changed.
feel free to create
your philosophical 
layout theme with 
catchwords by your 
own or with the support
of given examples.

The Wirbler & Mirbler layout 
meassures your layout theme 
and the - THREE -
possible keywords
or key definitions 
(also longer definitions)
in 54 long numerical values 
and three long final results.
The keywords are thus
in the topic area
includes and ecological in it
measured. Thus you perform
a special contribution
for environmental protection and
recycles your philosophical
basis of your wishes or
project  to ecological
number values.

A single wirbler & mirbler
Layout analysis can be used
to be taken together
with other wirbler & mirbler
Layout analysis
, so that
again three new final results
for both layout analyzes
arise (2x54 + 2x3  +  3)
That's the way it is, for example
an analysis
of departments of a company
after your philosophical
foundation (theme and
3 catchwords/ definitions /
longer definitions).

     Customers receive
     reports with
     57 measurement results
     during layout analysis

    It is stamped and signed!

The Wirbler & Mirbler 
Layout Analysis
is objective world leader of
the initial
and in the middle of the 21st 
In the year of 2016, the 
 employees of the company
Wirbler & Mirbler

Short autographs of Answers.sgkrw

Working methodology and information gathering


important key

skills. They include a bundle of skills,

competences and a repertoire of knowledge and


patterns that everyone needs to succeed in the


workplace. To manage the diverse business

processes of a

business, professionals need to consciously

organize their

own work and cooperate with employees

collaboratively. If

your own work is organized in a meaningful

way, the

upcoming and possible work assignments can be

carried out

successfully and economically. Two rules


the basis

for successful personal work: - Priorities must

be set. -

The priorities

must be implemented as planned. The most

important criterion for favoring one activity

over another


urgency. What emerges from the Wirbler &

Mirbler outgoing

objective analysis, must be translated into

practical action.

Good time management always leads to more

profit. It

reduces stress and creates free space. Only

someone who has

clear professional and personal goals knows

how to

deal with

his time and is in a position to approach his

tasks in a

goal-oriented manner. Successful goal and time

planning can

only be done in writing. Subgoals give security

and work

drive. a simple way of planning activities is the

Wirbler &

Mirbler outgoing lens analysis. The long-term


results of the lens analyzes serve here as a

guide to the

order of the target planning to be performed. For

the better

use of the valuable time and to relieve her

head memory

time, the use of Wirbler & Mirbler

treated technical

aids is

meaningful. If you can not remember everything

is human -

who asks the same question three times,

is disorganized.

Often, unimportant devours most of the time.

All activities

are therefore to be checked for urgency and

importance and

to be classified by our analyzes. In practice,

80% of the

counting success usually comes from

only 20% of the

activities. For example, if the two key

activities are met on

a ten-task list, the overall

performance is often already


secure. So that the way is free for difficult

work, they

should do the small stuff at the beginning

of work.

Everything that adds to small stuff in between,

they do in a

later small matter - phase. For concentrated

work, inner

calm is the first requirement. Step into the task

that lies

ahead and work on it until you are done. Do not

push the

work in front of you. Make the claim: do it now.

Take enough

time for difficult work. People who do not get

along with

their work, always want to do too much at once or

push a lot

in front of them. It is not the total time spent on

a project

that is decisive; it is more important how

sympathetic one

works on a task. Disorder is detrimental to

concentration. A

chaos in the workplace creates nervousness and

the feeling

of being killed by the work. Free your desktop of


except the project you are working on.Ordering

on the desk

and in the workshop or production facility is


the first way to work effectively. For all


to be carried

out, the principle of economy must be observed.


should only be sought if, for example, the last

20% of its

activities result in 80% of the profit. Quality

and perfection

differ considerably. The work result must also

justify the

time spent on an activity. Work assignments are

given in

written or oral form. A written work order

contains, for

example, the address of the customer, the place

of execution

with an appointment and the work to be

performed with a

specification according to the specifications.

When using

forms, a work report of the executive is required

on the work

order. To calculate costs, the material

consumption, the use

of hardware and software tools and the hours


must be

entered. Within each phase, there are a

multitude of

considerations, decisions and actions to be

carried out,

which are decisively favored by.

That is to present, supporting in

all matters the

Wirbler & Mirbler lens analysis. the

outgoing wirbler &

mirbler analysis. A work plan

determines the work

steps that

lead to the achievement of the goals.

It contains in the

action plan the activities and

responsibilities to be

carried out. Which are decisisvely favoured

by the outgoing

wirbler & mirbler analysis.

A work plan determines the work

steps that

lead to the achievements

of the goals

It contains in the action

Plan the activities and

the responsibilities

to be carried out.

An action plan or work plan based on this


the sequence of the activities. A schedule helps

to monitor

and visualize appointments. Schedules in the

form of

networks are used for work assignments that

run over a

longer period of time. Consider also here

the useful use of

the Wirbler &

Mirbler analysis. In the working

life of

today's information society, its own views and


should be successfully represented in

discussions and

discussions. Disruptions and conflicts in


communication must be recognized in good time

in order to

defuse them through goal-oriented

behavior and conversation

techniques. An appreciative, unbiased image

of man and a

dose of empathy (emotional intelligence) are in

any case the

basis for a successful conversation. The


communication always moves in two levels:

factual content

controlled and relational level belly driven.

The content

level is used for the verbal exchange of

factual information.

The relationship layer transmits the feelings and

relationships between the interlocutors.

The relationship

level influences the factual level. Only a few

decisions are

made exclusively according to the content and

the matter.

Four-fifths of all decisions are done from

the value, so on the

relationship level. When there are

disruptions at the

relationship level, optimal solutions can not

be found at the

factual level. Therefore, please also use the

Wirbler &

Mirbler analysis options in such matters.

Good ideas sell on

their own. Today, therefore, more than ever,

it is necessary

to give a good picture of itself and

its performance together

with the goods, products or products and /

or layout

conditions. That is to present, supporting in

all matters the

Wirbler & Mirbler lens analysis. You send to

Wirbler & Mirbler the

key assets of the self-organization of your work,

work orders and work plan, layouts of successful

interviewing, layouts of teamwork,

other key assets or layouts of

presentation technology

from your inventory,

which are particularly

taken into account

in the layout analysis.